Lessons from a 5 year-old’s animated feature

Oooh, that title sounds fancy, huh?

HL and I just left the theater after seeing the My Little Pony Movie.  At first I dreaded even going as I still have songs from Moana and Trolls on loop in my subconscious.  But by the end (I mean the very end; she insisted on staying until the last credit rolled), I struggled to hold back tears. The characters experienced an epic adventure, but without dropping spoilers, I’ll just focus on my takeaways that were the catalysts for my swollen eyes:

You are not alone and don’t have to choose to be. Accept help.

Many of us have been conditioned to self-isolate.  Once vulnerable, free, and thinking the best of others, hurt stepped in and constructed a penitentiary-like fortress of safety.  It protects, yes, but over time leaves us secluded from the warmth of others–friends and loved ones who want nothing more than to be in communion with us.  Allow them to.  Take a risk.  Chose different this time. 

Give away your gift.

I LOVE gifts! Yet, the best part about getting gifts (at least when you are a kid) is sharing it with friends.  I have the gift of encouragement.  I cannot help it.  I breathe it. It oozes from my pores.  I get no greater pleasure than to speak life into someone and see the shift in their spirit.

But for many years, I refused to share it for fear that my words, my contribution, was just not enough.  I thought that my words lacked in comparison to the gift of song, athleticism, or other gifts that entertain.  I finally accepted that my gift of diction teaches, comforts, admonishes, balms, and invigorates!  My gift pushes others to climb on.  What a hoarder I was!  Reciprocated gifts impact lives. What is your gift? Can I have some?

Unfortunately, my kindergartner did not grasp these concepts:

ME: HL what was the movie about?


ME: What about friendship and being kind to others?

Her: Uhhh, yeah…and PONIES!